Advisory Services

Whether you are thinking about improvements in certain areas of business or thinking of rolling out productivity tools, we can assist you to find the best solution available in the market.

Because of our collective experience, we can map out all the processes in your organisation, finding the best available tools while taking into account all the constraints you have in terms of budget, change management, as well as available resources to work on the project.

We can assist you with the procurement process such as mapping out your current processes, working out a clear way forward and aligning them with the available technology, and sourcing the relevant solution provider that best suits your business. The sole purpose of this exercise is to make sure you invest in the best available technology available on the market which addresses your current and future business goals.

Cloud Applications

With the overwhelming information available on the internet and other resources, sometimes our customers feel fatigued when it comes to selecting suitable tools for their business.

At Pyxida, our consultants align the selection process to your business goal and ensure that you have the best technology available from the pool of available solutions.

With our collective team experience, we can provide you guidance on a wide range of areas such as website development and hosting, setting up professional emails, email services, customer relationship manager (CRM), workforce management solutions (WFM), payroll services, ERP and other cloud services.

Our only goal is to make your information technology (IT) journey asĀ  seamless as possible so you have a great customer experience throughout the entire process.

Professional Services

Once we have jointly explored the solution selection process, you may need to implement the solution for your specific requirements.

Many times, the solution providers may not be able to provide you timely resources because their resources may have been booked well in advance before you made a commitment to invest in their solution. In such situations, we can help you put together a project team to roll out the solution in your organisation so you can realise the business benefits sooner.

Please reach out to the Pyxida team to jointly explore ways in which we can assist you with rolling out the right solution at the earliest.

Custom-built Applications

These days, there are many off-the-shelf software packages that are designed to solve specific business problems. In most situations, such solutions will solve your generic IT problems. However, there may still be gaps in such solutions that may not be able to address your business requirements to the full extent.

In such situations, the team at Pyxida will work with you and help build custom-built applications that are unique to your organisation.

Please reach out to the Pyxida team for an initial discussion so we can jointly explore how we can develop such solutions at the earliest.

Co-Investment in SAAS Solutions

If you believe many of your industry peers are struggling to find a solution to a business problem similar to yours, we can jointly explore possibilities and co-invest in the futuristic solutions.

Please contact the Pyxida team to jointly explore how we can team up to bring a unique solution to solve a specific problem for your industry.

Ready for Action?

Our main objective is to offer your organisation technology agnostic services to enhance productivity and save valuable time, allowing you to focus more on activities which delight your customers.
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